The Manami Essence

The ManamilingerieEssence

„Manami, gentle love, that dresses up your body and soul.”

The word is a Japanese female name, its meaning is the tender love that lives within us, since the real WOMAN is nothing but a source of tender love.

Our mission is for every WOMAN to find her identity, and express her taste by tailoring her favourite style with the colour that most represents her. All this in premium quality, using the best quality fabrics.

01Our Philosophy

Manami is not just a piece of clothing, but a lifestyle that radiates style, elegance and confidence. Feelings that overcome you when you wear your favourite robe. Every Woman deserves to feel the deep energy of her own femininity hidden in her robe.

02Our Technique

When making your personalised robe, we follow every minute from the first to the last with as much attention to detail as possible. At every moment, we strive for the highest quality, from the choice of materials, through the precise cut of the fabrics to the detailed stitching. And finally, the unique embroidery and luxury packaging make our robes truly unique.

03Our Style

Our robes showcase purity and elegance as well as sensuality and boldness. We evoke the WOMAN of a thousand faces with a wide variety of materials and creative tailoring. It is now only up to you which quality of your femininity do you want to emphasise with your favourite Manami robe.

Get to knowOur Story

We have a great team who are passionate and enthusiastic!

The world
of DanceIn the world of competitive dance, I had the opportunity to familiarise myself with everything that is graceful, feminine and stylish. Perhaps this is where my passion for clothing design and beautiful fabrics come from, since I was young I have designed not only my dance clothes but also my festive and casual wear. Over the years, I learnt how to utilise colours, shapes and lines.
Home wear
Why exactly?Femininity and elegance don’t only lie in appearances, all feminine beauty comes from within. A real Woman is stylish in her every moment, be it her everyday life cluttered with expectations or the intimate moments spent at home.
SimpleBefore this, I hadn’t found the elegance and comfort in home wear which I had imagined for myself. That’s why I created what I was missing, and to my greatest pleasure I can now share my own brand with you, as every Woman deserves beauty and quality, even in her own home.
My Feelings
My BrandI don’t only want to produce products with my brand but feelings. Through my robes and nightgowns I wish to share everything that I am, everything that is MANAMI. The tender love that evokes intimate, deep feelings and thoughts in you every time you wear your favourite robe.

In Japanese mythology, the crane that lives for 1,000 years is a symbol of the fulfillment of desires.

The symbol of our brand, is the Japanese Manchu crane, which suggests blessings, a positive future, and success all in a light, graceful form.


In Japan, the sensaburu is a traditional custom associated with crane birds. In Japanese mythology, the 1000-year-old crane is a symbol of honour , loyalty, and peace. The Japanese believe that a 1,000 folded cranes mean the fulfilment of a wish imagined while folding. Japanese weddings lay the foundation for a peaceful, happy marriage for the newlyweds starting with a thousand paper cranes.

Our most successful collections

Style is not a mask you put on or piece of clothing that a person wears on the street, your style is always with you, both at home and in the bedroom.

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