Our Thoughts and Desires

The image and essence of the brand was inspired by Japanese culture. Not only the world of valuable and noble kimonos, but also Japanese traditions and closeness to nature are part of Manami. Our motto, ‘Manami in course’, aims to give its wearer a sense of lightness, airiness, as anyone at home can be whoever they want to be. When designing the Collections, nature provides inspiration, thus preserving purity and elegance. There is nothing exaggerated in nature, nothing artificial, there is no more perfect creation in the world than nature, which is made special by the unity of small details.

Experience the feeling of naturalness, self-identity and love in every moment you hide in your Manami robe!



Bright festive colors, sensual silky fabric, and a touch of French lace are hidden in the Arden Collection. A pinch of luxury that every Woman deserves.




Collection for “Woman with a Thousand Faces”. Each piece in the premium collection is so emblematic that it creates a truly stunning atmosphere around its wearer.



Inspiration from the jewelry box of the Kali Basin. The essence of noble elegance is locked in our Premium Wedding Collection.

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